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February 16, 2017


I am off to Nashville tonight so I decided to put my post up a day early so I can just kick back this weekend. I’m going for a bachelorette party with 8 other girls so I know there won’t be much down time or quiet time for that matter.
It has been so cold and windy in NY ever since we had that blizzard last week.  My flight to Charleston was cancelled because of it and instead of a direct flight from NY to Charleston, we had to fly to Ohio, then to Atlanta and finally on to Charleston, South Carolina.  We got there a day later but it was totally worth it because I got to spend an extra night in NYC at the RIU Plaza Hotel and I still made it to Charleston to celebrate my birthday with family and friends. 
On to the important stuff…….
My look of the day features a bold colored faux fur coat that I purchased on Tradesy recently.  If you happen to catch my Tradesy run-down I posted 2 weeks ago, then you probably recognize this beauty.
Honestly, this is the only coat I own that I can wear outside on the coldest winter days and not even feel a chill….. well unless I wear it with a skirt like pictured above, talk about counterproductive.  I’m obsessed with the color combo of this coat especially because it pairs so well with just about everything in my closet.  The color looks fashionable and the thickness makes it warm and super functional for these 30 degree temps we’ve been having.  I loved the way this outfit looked when paired with a black skirt, polka dot tights, and chunky knit sweater up top.  I added the color block scarf because my neck was looking bare and I thought the burgundy in the scarf paired well with the colors in the coat.    
I used to think that (faux)fur coats looked a little over the top but I don’t care anymore because they are so damn warm.  This one is Adrienne Landau which will typically run you anywhere from $200 to $600 for similar styles.  I bought mine “New with tags” on Tradesy for less than $100 so I would highly recommend taking that route if you don’t mind buying second hand.  If you invest in a quality faux fur, it will be the only coat you need to get you through the coldest winter days. 
I’ve listed my picks below for some faux fur options to keep you looking fresh and feeling toasty. There are sooooo many good ones on sale right now so happy shopping my friends!!!

As always, thank you for reading along today.  I hope you all have a fun & fabulous holiday weekend!!
xo Corinne, Catch My Thrift  

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