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January 11, 2017

January 11th, 2017 - Winter OOTD

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I just realized this is my first post of 2017 so I suppose a “Happy New Year” is in order.
I am all over the place lately but I have a lot of new looks coming to the blog this month that I’m super excited about.
Today's OOTD is one of my favorite winter looks so far.  As a pretty active person, I feel I should totally take advantage of the Athleisure trend as often as possible.  It’s the perfect combination of high fashion and functional which is ideal in my eyes.
I like this look because it can easily be transformed into a nighttime look by a simple shoe swap.  I could throw on a pair of ankle boots with this and I’m ready to go.
These are the best (vegan) leather leggings for this time of year.  The inside is fleece lined so they keep me super warm and come up high on the waist so they are extremely comfortable as well.  They just feel like normal leggings but they look much nicer in my opinion.  I even wear these to work with a button down and sweater layered over (so it covers my butt).  I don't know why but i feel like leather pants/leggings are totally acceptable for a corporate environment as long as your butt is covered.  That makes sense right?
How about these sneakers?!?!  They tie this whole look together for me.  You can’t achieve the perfect athleisure look without a fresh pair of kicks….. they’re key.  Aside from super comfortable and super cute……. these were SUPER cheap.  That is the best combination.  I got them in the Six02 store so I saved an additional 20% on them but if you order them online you can save an extra 15% by putting your email address in.  I was surprised at how many people asked me about these.  Reebok isn’t messing around lately.  They’ve been putting out some awesome kicks and I’m all for it, especially if the price points stay the same.  
I think the key to pulling off the I-just-went-to-the-gym-and-now-I'm-running-errands look is to keep it practical and invest in a few quality workout pieces.  Six02 or Carbon 38 are both great stores for this.   It really only takes one fancy-ish or non-gym-going piece to achieve this look.  The easy formula for this look is simple: take your favorite workout leggings, throw on a chunky knit, some fresh kicks, a structured coat and some trendy shades = athleisure.
Even though you probably have everything you need for this outfit…. Take a look below at some of my favorite activewear pieces from brands like Koral & Alo.  The Koral Moto Leggings are the first thing on my list of must-haves. They’re amazinggggggg!

As always, thank you for reading along today.  Check back later in the week for more looks and winter outfit ideas to help keep warm but fashionable of course.
xo Corinne, Catch My Thrift  

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