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January 27, 2017

Love The Skin You’re In
A little self-love goes a long way when it comes to your skin care routine.  I’ve come to realize that this doesn’t just mean cleansing/toning/exfoliating but this also means what you’re doing in between that matters also.  For example, when I’m stressed or anxious, I tend to touch my skin a lot making it red and creating marks/scars.  This is a TERRIBLE habit and I vowed to myself that I would stop for good.  It was my New Years resolution this year to take better care of my skin and that includes not touching it or picking at it.  It hasn’t been easy but I can honestly say I have seen a tremendous improvement in my complexion and that alone makes me not want to ever go back to my old habits.
I decided to try out some new products because I wasn’t thrilled with what I was using and I definitely needed some upgrading in the skin care department.  I’ve experimented with a few different brands as far as facial care goes but I now have a regimen that works and that I look forward to.
Below are the beauty brands I am loving right now and my favorite products from each brand.  Some more pricey than others but I mean it when I say they’re worth every penny.  If you invest in the right skin care products and commit to a morning & evening routine, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed in the results.
This moisturizer is my holy grail right now.  I naturally have dry and sensitive skin so I need a pretty heavy duty moisturizer, especially in the winter months.  I’ve tested out some high-end moisturizers but none of them worked as well as this one.  I’m so glad I came across SebaMed because this product is only $12 and you can get it at most drugstores.  They also have a great body/face cleanser and a body moisturizer, also very reasonably priced.

If you take nothing away from this blog post just please remember the name First Aid Beauty (FAB). I recently came across this brand when I received a sample from Sephora.  After loving this deep cleanser, I decided to try out a few of their other products and my skin has been thanking me ever since.  The cleanser, night cream, and pore reducing serum are absolutely amazing.  Obviously, this brand is on the pricier side when compared to drugstore prices but it’s not nearly as expensive as most skin care brands you find at Sephora and I have been thrilled with the results.

If you’re a full coverage foundation wearer, I can’t stress enough how much you would love this CC cream.  I like the appearance of a good full coverage foundation but I tend to break out from repetitive foundation wearing.  This CC Cream is actually good for your skin and it has a buildable coverage with SPF and illuminators.  After just a week of wearing this instead of my regular foundation, my skin was glowing and jawline, where I usually break out, had cleared up.  IT Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands these days. 

This may come as a surprise to many of you but I am not a natural blonde.  I was a toe head when I was younger but it got darker when I got to high school and I wasn’t ready to accept that.  I’ve been processing my hair for way too long now so naturally, it has become pretty dry and sometimes brittle.  I take biotin which I find helps tremendously but not even the best conditioners can help with the dryness.  This Quai hair oil is fantastic.  I put it in after I condition and it dries looking so healthy and smooth without any frizz.  This brand is pretty new so I haven’t gotten to try out any of the other products yet but I definitely want to.  Jen Atkin is a hair goddess so I would gladly try any products she’s endorsing.
Not too much to say about this other than it is the most perfect red lipstick.  It stays put all day which is my main concern with lipstick and it is also very easily reapplied.  Not flaky and it comes in a cool tube making it a 10 in my book.  All you need with this is a little mascara and you’re good to go.

These are a newly discovered drugstore favorite of mine.  You truly feel like you’ve washed the day off after using one of these facial wipes.  These wipes are actually black and they stay moist (I’m sorry but no other word I could use there) for a really long time.  They remove all my makeup and they don’t irritate my sensitive skin.  If you use the Neutrogena wipes like I used to, you should definitely try these out!

I received a gift certificate to the Artdeco online store otherwise I’m really not sure how else you would hear about this brand.  They have really amazing products and it’s really high quality without the really high price.  I tried out this Lash Growth Activator because that is something I wouldn’t typically buy but since I had a gift card I figured what the hell!?  I have been putting this on at night before bed and I don’t know if its in my head or not but I really think it’s helping.  It’s not just a growth tool, it also nourishes and strengthens your existing lashes.  Full disclosure here, I’ve also been using this on my brows at night and some of the patchy spots have already started growing in.  
This is one of those fragrances that smells so good you want to eat it ya know?  It’s like washing your body with an orange creamsicle.  I received this as a Christmas gift but I’m obsessed with it now which is unfortunate because it’s pretty pricey.  It’s organic so obviously, there are no harsh chemicals so this is the perfect gentle wash that leaves my skin super smooth even if I don’t put lotion on.  A little bit of this stuff goes a long way so even though it’s pricey you can certainly make it last.
In the wise words of the beautiful Mary Tyler Moore, “Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow.  Pain nourishes your courage.  You have to fail in order to practice being brave.”
As always, thank you for reading along today.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!
xo Corinne, Catch My Thrift  

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