The Golden Quills Military Parka

December 06, 2016

Free People is the one brand that I truly believe in and their product constantly provides me with pure happiness.
This was confirmed with my purchase of the jacket pictured above. It is hands down the single most amazing article of clothing I have ever owned and a piece that I now refer to as a"lifer". This is the first piece I've ever given a title like that to but I know this is my ride or die jacket and I'll be holding on to it forrrreeeehhhhver.
I don't typically belive in signs but what happened in the Free People store two weeks ago was just that.... although if you ask my boyfriend he'll say I was coerced by a few good sales associates. Here's what happened. I walked into the FP store on a Monday night after work and I was in NO mood to shop. I was only there because I had to return something and I really just planned on getting in and out as quickly as possible. Upon entering the store and seeing a SALE sign in the window, I felt a sudden shift in my mood. I thought it would be silly not to look around the one time a sale was happening in the store so I began to browse. The festive holiday dresses and all the new styles were great but nothing I hadn't seen before. I was about ready to make my return and get out of there when the "Online Returns" section in the back caught my eye. I headed over to take a closer look and there it was. The Golden Quills Military Parka right there in front of my very eyes. I actually said the name of it out loud when I saw it. I've seen this jacket everytime I've gone through the outerwear section of their online store in the past 2 years but never before had I seen it in person. I've also watched it disappear come winters end each year before ever going on sale and that's why I never even considered purchasing it.
I was actually nervous to try it on because I could tell just by the looks of it that I was going to be in love. They only had one in the store and it was my size. The sales girl who saw me eyeing it (drooling over it) came over just to tell me that it was the last one in that size/color in the WHOLE WORLD! I honestly didn't believe her so I checked online and she wasn't kidding. This was when I knew it was over. I tried it on and instantly knew it was coming home with me. The craftsmanship even more impeccable in person, and the applique on the arms so intricate and incredibly well done.
After owning this jacket for a little over two weeks, I already want it in the other colors (olive green & mustard). This is the type of clothing that makes you feel special. You know because you find yourself picking out your outfit starting with this jacket and not caring too much about what you put on underneath because you know it doesn't matter. This topper definitely has a grungy feel to it but with the applique on the arms you can also dress it up and wear it with your most fancy outfits. I've worn it to work and I wear it all weekend long because I can't get enough of it.  Every time I wear it I get so many compliments and ultimately questioned where on earth I found such a fabulous piece.
So if you find yourself in the market for a good statement jacket or want to get someone the best Christmas/Hannukah present ever this year....... this is seriousy the piece.  They still have it on the website in olive green and in a mustard color but unfortunately no black (for now).  It will definitely return to their website at some point and I will be sure to alert the media when it does.
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As always, thank you for reading along today! Be sure to check back on Friday for some holiday gift guides for all budgets.
xo Corinne, Catch My Thrift  

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