Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for EVERYONE

October 21, 2016

Channeling my inner Cher Horowitz this year.
Halloween weekend is just a week away and if you've let procrastination get the best of you then this is the post for you. I've put together a list of some fun and simple DIY costumes that only require clothing you probably already own (or can get super cheap). For each costume, I've linked all the items/pieces you will need and a link to where you can get them. Just click any piece in the picture and it will take you right to the source. Enjoy!!

For the Ladies
1. Cher Horowitz & Dionne Davenport - Feel free to release your inner bimbo with this one!

Cher Horowitz

Dionne - Clueless

2. Mary Poppins - Pretty Simple & Oh So Adorable

Mary Poppins

3. 11 from Stranger Things - Not only is Milly Bobby Brown the most adorable human being on the planet, but her character in Stranger Things is a bad ass. Make sure to get some fake blood and head to the frozen waffle section of your nearest grocery store for the BEST picture ever.

11 - Stranger Things

4. North West - Because she's only 3 years old but she is definitely a fashion force to be reckoned with.

North West

5. Spinelli from Recess - This is super easy as long as you order those red and gold socks TODAY! Doubt you will be able to find those in stores.

Spinelli from Recess

6. House of Cards - I think you pretty much get the idea. Wear whatever you want underneath (black probably looks best) but superglue a deck of cards in the shape of a house to some poster board and you will likely have the best costume there. For more details, check it out on Brit & Co here.

7. Mime - If you absolutely do not want to buy anything than this one is for you. Throw on your favorite black skinnies and striped tee and the rest is cake.

DIY Mime Costume

8. Miranda Sings - Because Miranda's rendition of California Girl is a CLASSIC.

Miranda Sings

9. Kendall & Gigi - Because athleisure is in style, and wearing gym clothes all night would be an absolute pleasure.

Kendall & Gigi

For the fellas......
1. The Brawny Man - It doesn't get any easier than this. You most likely have everything needed but you HAVE to carry a roll of Brawny paper towels around otherwise you're the asshole who didn't wear a costume to the party.

Brawny Man

2. Ian from Mean Girls - specifically in this scene....... I think this one is so awesome. I'd wear a cardboard sign around my neck that says "SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE!" this way there's no chance someone won't get it.

Ian - Mean Girls

3. The "Not Famous" Shia Labouf - You definitely don't need to be in a tuxedo for people to understand this one but if you feel like dressing to the nines and wearing a paper bag over your head....this is perfect for you.

4. Dustin from Stranger Things - This kid is the cutest and my 2nd favorite character on the show after 11. It's pretty easy and it will be hysterical if you appear to be missing your 2 front teeth for the night.

Dustin - Stranger Things

5. Ken Bone - Ahhhhh the unlikely star of the 2nd presidential debate. Do everyone a favor and when you're waving that disposable camera around...... make Ken proud.

Ken Bone Starter Kit

6. Blonde on Blonde era Bob Dylan - Depending on the crowd people may not know who you are but it doesn't even matter because you'll be paying tribute to one of the best musicians of all time. If someone asks what you're supposed to be, make sure to do your best Bob Dylan singing impression..... they should get it then.

Blonde on Blonde era Bob Dylan

7. Tobias Funke as the Blue Man - This would be epic.

8. Wilson from "Home Improvement" - The miniature Popsicle fence is a major key here.

Wilson - Home Improvement

9. Son of Man - I recommend using a fake apple for this. Super glue it to the front brim of the hat so that it appears to be floating in front of your face the whole night. It certainly will not last but it will be awesome for that brief period it is there in the beginning of the night.

Son of Man DIY Costume

10. My Personal Favorite - John Stone from The Night Of - Really play up the eczema here. Lather up each foot with an absurd amount of Aquaphor. Try to make everyone SUPER uncomfortable by constantly scratching your feet with a pen/pencil all night long. Also, you CANNOT forget the Tevas.

John Turtorro
Well hopefully everyone is feeling super inspired heading into the weekend. Now you have two days to get whatever you may need for next weekend and you'll be able to sleep easy knowing you're all done with you're Halloween prep.

If you have any other easy DIY costume ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! I'll be shipping up to Boston.
xo Corinne, Catch My Thrift  

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