My Greatest Role Model: My Mom

September 12, 2016

Mom in Montauk circa 1976

Today is my beautiful Momma's 63rd birthday (yes.... I still call her momma) so I thought I would make a special post in honor of the woman who has always been one of my greatest role models, teachers and best friends. 

Like a fine wine, my mom keeps getting better with age.  We have become so close over the past few years and I feel so lucky to have such a strong woman like her in my life.  She is incredibly inspiring and what makes her so special is that she seems to have no idea how motivating she is.  She has led our family and guided my siblings and I simply by being herself.  She genuinely cares for the people she loves and always puts our needs before those of her own.  My mother is humble and selfless and works to connect and understand each of her children in order to help us grow emotionally and raise our capacities to laugh at ourselves and never take life too seriously. 

Her and my dad have always lead by example, demonstrating their values and making sure we live by our own.  They've always taught us to treat everyone we meet with respect and I have never witnessed either of them being rude or putting someone down.  They taught us to be proud of who we are and make smart decisions and that making mistakes is okay as long as we learn from them.  To say my parents were very good to us growing up would be an understatement but honestly the greatest gift that they gave to us was loving each other unconditionally.  They have a friendship and marriage that has been so wonderful to grow up with and is something that I appreciate now more than ever as a young adult.    
My mom is a well of wisdom.  She taught me so much about soooo many different things so it's only natural she played a major role in me developing my own personal style.  Whether it’s been introducing me to the joys of a good pair of jeans or instilling the confidence to rock whatever "my little heart desires", my mom definitely knows best when it comes to style.
When looking through my mom and dad's honeymoon pictures from 1976, I found myself swooning over my mom's style.  You could tell just from the pictures that she had some serious flavor.  She always taught me that the best accessory you can wear is a smile and I could tell she really meant it by her million dollar smile in those photographs.  She was glowing and her and my dad looked so in love and truly happy.   

Similar to what I've been wearing lately, my mom was rocking culottes, jumpsuits, and high waisted jeans like a boss.  She was hardly wearing any makeup and looked absolutely stunning.  I found myself especially drawn to the pink jumpsuit she was wearing in a few of the pictures.  She looked so good in it and I wanted to find one just like it.  I was able to find an awesome wrap front jumpsuit from Asos online for only $28, so it was a no brainer.  When I first tried it on, I wasn't sure about it because it's so different than most of my clothes and just the fact that it was pink made it hard for me to wear out of the house.  But my mom taught me not to be afraid to try new things and that style and confidence go hand in hand.  Now that I've worn it a few times, I am absolutely obsessed with it.  It's comfortable yet subtly sexy and I love the 70's vibe it gives off.  

Photo by: Kristen Tomkowid of  Little But Fierce Photography
Photo by: Kristen Tomkowid of  Little But Fierce Photography
Photo by: Kristen Tomkowid of  Little But Fierce Photography
Photo by: Kristen Tomkowid of  Little But Fierce Photography
Photo by: Kristen Tomkowid of  Little But Fierce Photography

Photo by: Kristen Tomkowid of  Little But Fierce Photography

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  1. Love this look! Fashion always does and always will come full circle.