September 23, 2016

I don't know about you guys but after Summer I feel like I need to do a makeup bag "cleanse".  My tan is just about gone and my Summer routine just isn't working for me anymore.  The natural look just doesn't cut it without the tan and my skin was looking dull.
I will try just about any new makeup product and I absolutely love to test out samples that I receive. I also really love to check out what kind of beauty products other people are using.  I could sit online all day reading reviews of products I know I'm never going to try just because I enjoy it.  
I thank my sister Sydney for my love of good makeup and beauty products.  She worked at Bobbi Brown back in the day and it was great for so many reasons.  She got to take home this kit with every product in every shade and she would do my makeup all the time.  I had no say in the outcome but I didn't care because it was so much fun.  She did my hair and makeup for my Sweet 16, and although I had blisters on the tops of my ears from her burning me, she did a fabulous job.  She could always convince me to do just about anything when it came to beauty trends.  She was the first person to box bleach my hair, and then she convinced me to bleach my eyebrows to match (not a good look for me).  She also convinced me to dye my hair dark brown when I was in high school (also not a good look for me).  Luckily I have come to learn what works for me and what does not and today I'm sharing my current favorites with you.
These are the beauty products I am loving lately.  
Hello Sexy Legs
My current must-have for Fall would have to be Hello Sexy Legs which is an AMAZING tinted glow gel.  This product is a fantastic alternative to the sun-kissed Summer tan that most of us are lacking these days.  I love that it's exactly as looking..and the scent is kind of nice but not overwhelming.  It blends really well and a little bit goes a long way so the tube will last me and my white legs for a very long time. 

Marc Jacobs Cover(t) Affairs Stick Color CorrectorYou're probably thinking, "What the f is that?".  This little weird shaped green glue stick is magical.  It's a Color Correcting Cover Stick and it does wonders for my complexion.  It makes my skin-tone look so even and it goes on so lightly.  This one is called "Co(vert) Affairs". The citron-and-lime color covers and neutralizes redness which is what I need for my skin. It also comes in "Bright Now" which is pink-and-lilac meant to cover and eliminate dullness, and cancel out dark circles for more fair complexions. Then there's "Getting Warmer" which is a peach-and-caramel shade to offset dark spots and dark circles for medium to deep complexions.  I put this on after my moisturizer and primer and I only use it wear needed (cheeks and nose).

Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream
This stuff is the bees knees.  I have this CC cream in medium and it is the best "foundation".. It evens out my skin and a little bit goes a really long way and gives a real natural appearance.  It applies so smooth and it dries to a full coverage, satin finish without feeling sticky at all.  I made the switch to this CC Cream two years ago from the Mac Studio Fix Foundation, and I never looked skin has cleared up tremendously.
Another must-have from IT Cosmetics.  I'm a big fan of beauty brands that make amazing products that don't just look good but are also really good for your skin.  I love this one because it's everything you need all in one little compact disc.  The matte bronzer warms your complexion just the right amount, the radiance luminizer creates a lit-from-within glow, and the brightening blush restores your natural flush of color.  

Two Faced - Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer
Best under-eye concealer EVER!  Use sparingly though because a little bit goes a long way.  It illuminates naturally and subtly, it covers smoothly, and you really just need a little dab under each eye.
MAC Star Trek Collection "Kling-It-On"
MAC - Lipglass, Star Trek Collection "Warp Speed Ahead"
MAC - Lipstick in Twig
 For lips I wanted something a little more bold and I wanted a new everyday color that was appropriate for work.  I decided to try out the lipglass & lipstick in the dark purple color from MAC's new Star Trek Collection for my bold choice.  It is so funky and different from any of my other "going-out" colors, I'm obsessed with it.  I normally don't wear lipgloss but I really liked this one paired over my normal color.  It added a nice deep tone making it the perfect Fall combination.  For my everyday color I chose "Twig".  This isn't the first time I purchased this color but honestly I just haven't found one that I like better.  It's the perfect color and it looks so good no matter what outfit you pair with it.
These are just the products that I'm really into lately.  I would love to hear your tips and suggestions on how to transition your makeup from Summer to Fall and I'm also on the hunt for a great mascara so if anyone knows of one, please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below.
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xo Corinne, Catch My Thrift  

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