Essentials For a Boho-Chic Summer Look

July 15, 2016

Photography by: Heidi D'Amelio of Hi-D Photography

It’s almost the weekend people…. that means time to start prepping your weekends outfits.  It’s going to be 91 degrees tomorrow in the NY area so I cannot even begin to fathom how hot it will be throughout the rest of the country.  One thing we will all have in common is how much we’ll be sweating during our fun weekend plans.  Remember, less is more when it’s this hot but that doesn't mean we have to compromise looking totally fierce.

We’ve seen a lot of 90’s trends come back in a big way in recents years.  I never thought we’d see another choker again and here we are.  I must say though, the modern day chokers have certainly gotten an upgrade since the plastic stretchy woven looped ones from middle school and thank god for that.  The 90’s trend that has become a wardrobe essential for me this summer is the bodysuit.  I know for some people the word bodysuit conjures up images of high-cut '80s and '90s horribleness, but you gotta believe me on this one: They are so chic and SO wonderful.  For the moms out there who will inevitably say “They’re too young for me”……. I can assure you they are not.   

I am always on the hunt for pieces that create a seamless look, can go from day to night with a simple shoe change or necklace swap, and are easily paired with other pieces….. the bodysuit meets all of these requirements.  These unitards are EVERYWHERE right now. I've seen so many different styles, each one more chic than the next.  You have your intricate details like lace, open back, lace-up, keyhole, floral, off-shoulder, plunging necklines, and a variety of colors, making them an essential in every girls closet.  Don’t let the bathing suit like piece fool you into thinking this is just a summer piece either.  I already have tons of fall outfits planned out in my head with some of my favorite bodysuits from this season.  I’ve also seen tons of adorable long sleeve bodysuits and even purchased one already because I couldn't take the chance of it selling out. 

You know when you see the pictures of the perfect tucked-in blouse with a pencil skirt or the perfectly tucked in v-neck t shirt with high waisted jeans?  Newsflash, those women are wearing bodysuits.  Nothing is more annoying than wearing a tucked in shirt and having to try and recreate the perfect tuck every single time you use the bathroom.  Invest in a good bodysuit, and problem solved.  They are a simple yet statement making piece that go with just about anything.  I even layered one of my bodysuits underneath a long, sleeveless blazer for a work outfit recently.   

You want to know what the best thing about bodysuits really is though?  THEY ARE SO CHEAP!  For going out looks, Missguided is a great website for all things trendy and affordable.  They have some of the best bodysuits and starting at just $13.  For me, Free People is my go-to site for bodysuits.  They have soooooooo many and they are perfect for any summer daytime look, especially when temps are in the 90’s like they will be this weekend.  

In my look pictured above I am wearing the FP Basic Bodysuit in Vintage Army.  It only cost $30 (cheap for free people) and it comes in 9 DIFFERENT COLORS!  It has adjustable straps which you can loosen for some tasteful sideboob or tighten to keep it daytime appropriate.  It has a slight v-neckline and a low back, but not scandalously low.  It was the perfect pair for this black linen maxi skirt.  Typically I stay away from black on a 90 degree day but since this skirt was super lightweight and had 2 slits in the front it was perfectly flowy and breezy.

My favorite part of this look is the accessories.  I have a new obsession with anklets.  I can’t believe it took me this long to realize I wanted in on this micro trend.  The ankles are prime real estate for some bling now that we're rocking all those cropped flares and denim mini skirts.  These anklets came in a package of two from Free People.  I loved how they looked when paired with these black mules.  The skirt has 2 vertical slits running down the front so any time I took a step, I was proudly flashing this mule/anklet combo.  I was going for a bohemian look here so I decided to keep my accessories on the earth-tone side.  This layered leather choker is my favorite necklace right now.  It is the most simple statement-making piece, and that perfect accessory for a basic tee or bodysuit like this one.  I’m also wearing a beaded cuff, bold/brassy gold bangles, and some rings to match.

If you’re still skeptical of the bodysuit, try it out first with one these linked below!  They are all $30 or less and I can assure you you’ll be wanting more after you see just how much these can do for your wardrobe.
My Outfit Details:

Bangles (all came in 1 set)

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