June 20, 2016

Subscription Box: Rocksbox

The Cost: $19 per month with free shipping both ways

COUPON: Get your first month free with code corinneperryxoxo 

The Products: 3 pieces of jewelry tailored to your personal style in every shipment

Monthly subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular.  They’re a great way to treat yourself to a surprise each month, and they also make for fun and creative gifts.  If you’re not familiar with Rocksbox , they’re a subscription service for designer jewelry. For $19 a month, you can request as many boxes as you’d like a month in exchange for returning your current box.  Also, there is no pressure to buy anything, but if you do want to they offer you a $10 credit every month along with members-only prices.  This pretty much makes it an unlimited resource for on-trend jewelry!

My first box showed up less than a week after signing up for an account and is pictured above.  The presentation is beautiful, to say the least. Each piece of jewelry is carefully tucked within its own drawstring bag.  The level of personalization and care that goes into each box is really impressive, considering they have to scale this personalization for every single subscription holder.  

Each box comes with 3 pieces: earrings, necklace, and ring or bracelet. I received a ring and earrings that my stylist picked out for me and a statement necklace that was selected from my wish list.  Of all of the pieces, the Gorjana ring is my favorite and if it were gold rather than silver, I would surely keep it. The pieces in my box ranged in price from $40-$120, which is definitely more than I would typically spend on jewelry but I left that in my feedback on my Rocksbox account so they know that for my next box.  In the box with the jewelry is an info card that gives an overview of how the Rocksbox service works, and a product/price list for everything included in the box.  It also came with a personalized note from my stylist saying that she chose the Jenny Bird necklace from my wishlist.  This was a really nice touch!

Sophie Harper – Pave Z Ring in Silver $50 retail ($40 to buy through Rocksbox)

This ring is one of the pieces that my stylist selected for me.  I wouldn’t have picked it out but I’m glad she did because it is beautiful.  I have worn it a few times already and I have gotten so many compliments on it each time.  The picture online doesn’t do it justice but in person it is stunning.  It is the perfect everyday piece for me because it’s such a delicate minimalistic piece with just the right amount of flair.

Jenny Bird – Frida Collar in Silver/Turquoise $150 ($120 through Rocksbox)

This was the piece that was selected for me from my Wish List.  I haven't worn it yet as I do think it is a little bit too edgy for the office.  It's an awesome collar necklace though.  I love turquoise so for me this is the perfect statement necklace and definitely something I could see myself wearing with a white t shirt and ripped jeans on the weekends.  Unfortunately, I can’t incorporate this piece into my everyday office wear so the $150 price tag is out of the question for me.

a.v. max - Triangle Ear Jacket in Silver $55 to buy ($40 through Rocksbox)

These earrings are AMAZING.  They are SO my style and they’re really funky without being too in your face.  I am going back and forth between keeping these or sending them back because now that a.v. max is on my radar, I have discovered so many other awesome pairs of earrings by her that I'd like to try out.  People don’t understand how they work when I wear them but they sure do get a lot of compliments.  I would definitely make sure to add some a.v. max to your wishlist if you do sign up for Rocksbox.

All in all, I think Rocksbox is a pretty awesome idea especially for those of you who like to experiment with all different jewelry styles.  I think even if you never purchase a single piece, the $19 a month is worth it just to have access to so many beautiful pieces that would otherwise cost you a whole lot of money.  Another plus is their website is very organized and user-friendly, and anyone I’ve reached out to has been super helpful. They also make it very easy (maybe almost too easy…) to purchase any jewelry that you just don’t want to part with.

If you are interested in trying out Rocksbox you can get your first month FOR FREE if you use my code CORINNEPERRYXOXO at checkout!  

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