Keeping It Simple & Sophisticated for Those Hot Summer Days

June 22, 2016

I have a new found love and appreciation for the peplum silhouette.  I know it’s been around for quite some time now but I never really gave it a fair try.  I'm glad I did though because I find it extremely flattering and it pairs so well with so many different bottom types.  It gives the outfit a fun and flirty feel but comes across as polished and put together making it the perfect top to wear to the office in the summer.  It works really well for most shapes and sizes, but is especially flattering for pear and hourglass shapes because it focuses on highlighting the small waist.

I absolutely love this lightweight navy blue peplum top that I recently purchased for $20.  The material feels surprisingly well made and its just thick enough to not show any bra lines......well done Target.  This top paired with beige or white is the PERFECT color combo for this time of year.  It just screams summer.  It also pairs perfectly with jeans or a pencil skirt, but I particularly love it with the lightweight trousers pictured above for the summer-time.  A fun tropical print bandana tops it off for an easy but super stylish and flattering look.  I kept it on the feminine side and dressed it up a bit with the color block mid-heel sandals JUST IN CASE the day ends with happy hoursss on a roof somewhere.  You can never be too prepared. 

There are so many different ways you can incorporate this silhouette into your wardrobe.  My top pictured above is a pretty drastic peplum cut but there are some a little less extreme out there to try out.  You have to try on a few different ones to see which style works best for your body type.  Below are a few tips to keep in mind when hunting for the perfect peplum.

Some Do’s/Don’ts for Styling Your Peplum Tops:
  • Try to pair the top with slim fit trousers or skirt, such as skinny pants or a pencil skirt. For trousers, choose ones that are not too tight or body-squeezing like the trousers I’m wearing in the pictures above.
  • I highly recommend wearing one size bigger than your normal shirt size.   This isn’t a top that you want to squeeze you in the wrong place.  The purpose of wearing peplum is to look slimmer on the waist, but wearing a very tight one will have you sucking it in all day and that’s no way to live your life.
  • Try to mix with a flared mini skirt if you are on the petite side, or an above the knee length skirt if you are on the taller side.
  • This is definitely a top you need to try before buying because it there are many different styles and sizes of peplum tops and they may fit each person differently.
  • Be cautious of the length of your peplum top.  Too long can draw the eye to your hips making them look wider than they actually are.  Too short and you risk cutting off your torso in an unflattering way.  Try for one that hits just before your widest part and it will really accentuate your curves/shape in a flattering way.
  • For the flatter chested, like myself, choose a peplum top with a low neckline but if you are one of those gals blessed with a chest….. a tube top peplum is SUPER flattering and makes you look slimmer in the waist and up top as well.
  • I do not suggest pairing a peplum top with tight shorts or bermudas. They just don’t go well together, trust me on this one.
  • Since the top is feminine/flirty you want to stick with some dainty shoes such as pumps, sandals or wedges. This keeps your whole look on the same page. 
  • You also do not want to pair with palazzos or wide legs pants because too much flair all over will look messy and will not look flattering.
  • NO OVER-SIZED BELTS WITH PEPLUM TOPS!  Ugh gosh I really hate to see that.  If you must wear a belt, wear a thin one in a contrasting color or metal that is used ONLY as an accent piece.   A large belt takes away from the hugging waist cut and will actually make you appear shorter.   
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Thank you for taking the time to read!

xo Corinne catchmythrift

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