Building a Not-So-Basic Outfit: The 3rd-Piece Rule

May 13, 2016

Happy Friday the 13th amigos!

If there's one fashion rule that will change the way you get dressed everyday, it's the third-piece rule.  It's pretty straight forward, it just means that your outfit should always be comprised of three pieces (not including your shoes).  Your pants and top are your 1st and 2nd pieces, and then the 3rd piece could be a denim jacket, blazer, poncho, vest, or a statement accessory.  A lot of retailers, such as Banana Republic and Madewell,  actually require that their employees follow this rule when working in the store in order to encourage a more stylish appearance for their staff.  

The third piece will add some flavor to an otherwise mundane outfit.  It makes you appear more put together, polished, and like you actually put some effort into getting dressed in the morning.  Essentially, it's just a very simply trick that creates more chic outfits.  It's actually really fun to experiment with as well.  Once I started following this rule I started incorporating new pieces into my wardrobe that I hadn't used before.  Some of my favorite 3rd pieces are long-line vests, neck scarves, bandannas, and ponchos.    

Ahhhhh yes the poncho.... This is a year-round staple for me but I actually prefer them in the warmer weather because I find it pretty much impossible to wear any sort of jacket over them when it's super cold in the winter time.  The light-as-air fabric and cool, spring-ready washes make them the perfect "3rd piece" for any outfit that needs a little extra something.  This poncho pictured below is from Loft (great place to find the 3rd piece) and is on sale right now!   I will be wearing this all Spring and Summer long as the Navy and White is sure to brighten up any outfit. 

You are definitely going to be checking yourself for that 3rd piece next time you leave the house.  Check out my most recent outfit with this rule in place below!!!Follow

Navy & White Stripe Poncho
Drawstring Trousers
Button-Down Long Sleeve
Leopard Pointed Toe Flats
Gold Statement Necklace
Bucket Bag

Shop some of my favorite statement pieces below including THEE most amazing embroidered denim jacket!!!

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